Sudden Changes in Lifestyle Habits and Attitudes
and What We Could Be Preparing For

By Carissa Conti
c. August 2002

(NOTE: Several updates have been added since the original posting of this article. Latest update: October 27, 2002)

A friend of mine forwarded me a book entitled Bringers of the Dawn, by Barbara Marciniak. I had never heard of this book before, so I had no preconceived notions as to what to expect. Once I realized it was channeled material, I became a little skeptical.  Not only did I question the validity of channeled material, but I figured Bringers of the Dawn would just be a lot of New Age style love and light fluff, lacking new insights and information. But instead, what I found was a book outlining the lifestyle changes that many people will find themselves going through as we near the 2012 date1. These changes definitely pertained to my situation as well, so I was basically reading about myself in many of the paragraphs, down to the littlest detail. The more I read, the more it seemed as if there is a blueprint for people like me, and we are living our lives as if following this blueprint. And when the time was right, we were being "activated" to start a series of changes that would help get our minds and bodies ready.

Whether or not channeling is valid, or whether Bringers of the Dawn is to be taken at face value isn't what's important. What matters is that there is truth to the fact that changes in lifestyle and habits are occurring with people, and these changes are increasing by the day as we enter into a pivotal time period full of changes and upheaval. But what are the changes that are happening to so many people? And what exactly are we preparing ourselves for? This article will examine both of these questions.

The stance of Bringers of the Dawn is that there are certain individuals on this planet who are here as "systems busters", to infuse a little bit of light and love into a planet being held hostage by lower 4th density negatively oriented entities. These lower 4th density entities manipulate our realities towards the negative, and feed off of the subsequent emotions of fear, anger, jealousy, depression/despondency, hate, violence, etc. that result from such manipulation. These entities have placed a "fear grid" over the planet in the distant past, and have genetically altered humans to strip us of our original mental/intuitive abilities, thus furthering their agenda to enslave us. And if this weren't enough, we are supposedly facing the prospect of a reality shift between 3rd density physical reality, which is the reality we exist in, and 4th density variable reality. So these "systems busters" are here to counteract the negative activity of the lower 4th density beings during the countdown years to 2012. The systems busters will find themselves changing in new and interesting ways as they become activated, or polarized, towards positive, and will begin rebelling against the false manipulated reality that has been placed before them.

As of right now, I agree with the ideas that I found in Bringers of the Dawn due to what I've been witnessing and experiencing for myself. This tug-of-war between positive and negative oriented beings is picking up speed as we near the end. People are unconsciously starting to choose sides, and are gravitating towards either positive or negative, furthering the agenda of each. And the ones who aren't inherently negative but yet, aren't exactly trying to change old habits and old mindsets - i.e., being passive - seem to be sliding towards mildly negative, non-productive behaviors.  And on a side note, some of this polarization includes the activation of "sleeper agents", or those people targeted and programmed by negatively oriented government groups to carry out terrorist type activities when the time is "right", thus becoming the unknowing Fall Guy for the advancement of these groups' agendas. All of these people, whether positive or negative, are pawns in a game that they probably aren't even aware of, and don't understand.

Positively oriented people will sometimes find themselves transforming within a matter of days, towards a more positive attitude and healthy lifestyle. Often times this includes a turn towards a more spiritual existence. The changes are abrupt, and seem to come out of nowhere. It's like once the time is right, a switch has been flipped to "ON", as the pre-determined plan, agenda, or blueprint is implemented.

It is my personal belief that everybody out there has the potential for these changes to occur. We are all receiving the same notification and kick in the butt to get moving and align ourselves with positive. However, whether or not one chooses to respond to this notification depends on several factors: The soul nature of the person; their reason for being here, their agenda; and their awareness level.  I can say that I've seen a pull towards the positive in most people I'm surrounded by. However, some have chosen to respond to it more intensely than others. And again, there seems to be a lot of people out there who are good at heart, but yet passive, and so are maintaining old, unproductive attitudes and habits. 

For every signal we receive which tries to activate us towards positive polarization, so we encounter attempts to manipulate us towards the negative, by forces and entities that would much rather see us go the other way…the way which is more conducive to their personal needs.  Whether one succumbs to the negative manipulation depends on their awareness and soul nature.  There is free will involved when the drive towards positive life changes kicks in, same as with the negative. One doesn't have to choose to go down that road.  However, the urge is usually powerful, and often times reinforced by synchronicities to show that this is the best path to be on.

So what are these "blueprint changes", as I call them, which are occurring with people? Following is an overview, including changes as noted in Bringers of the Dawn, and additional ones I have observed myself:

  • Sudden Interest in Exercise, Yoga, Meditation or Spinning
    This becomes even more pronounced when the person involved is somebody who normally could care less about exercise, isn't into meditation, or has no knowledge of yoga…as was the case with me. I always knew that exercise was good and that I should get more of it, however, I didn't work out on a regular basis. I had no interest in meditation, and no knowledge of yoga. Then last year, I found myself wanting to begin a daily workout routine to get in better shape and build up muscle tone and strength. And when I would do my stretches, I found myself contorting myself into weird positions…only to accidentally discover months later that all these weird positions were actually yoga. I developed a newfound interest in meditation as well, when I was never previously into that. Suddenly it was very important to get my mind clear and focused on positive, and to do protective meditations for myself. I had no idea how to meditate, but decided to wing it anyway. And in the middle of all of this I would find myself sometimes spinning around and around in the middle of my room in a clockwise rotation, usually to music, because it felt good and seemed to amp up the positive feelings. Only much later on did I learn that "spinning" is actually something positive, and highly recommended for strengthening your connection to 4th density.

  • Changes In Diet / Giving Up Or Cutting Back On Smoking, Drinking, Drugs
    Every person I have encountered who is going through "the changes" has found themselves altering their diet to eliminate unhealthy foods and eating patterns. For me the urge to go healthy had been building for several years, but I had no willpower and would always go back to the fast food, soda, sugar, and regular supermarket non-organic foods. Then, the switch was flipped, and over one weekend's time I became obsessed with learning about the state of our food supply with all of its hormones, antibiotics, pesticides, chemicals and food pathogens, when I never had an interest in nutrition or food before. I went to the library, checked out a stack of books on these matters, read them all within days, and made a commitment to eat as much healthy organic foods as possible. There was an intense drive and commitment to do this, where none had existed before. I was bent on eliminating pesticides, hormones, antibiotics, chemicals, processed sugar, corn syrup, hydrogenated oils, preservatives, artificial colors & flavors, processed non-whole grains, soda, candy, junk foods/pastries, and basically, any food from a restaurant. I eliminated red meat, and switched to white meat chicken and fish, started loading up on fresh organic veggies, and began incorporating whole grains into my diet. I have also since gone on liquid vitamin supplements, versus the pill form, to maximize the absorption. Others I have encountered have described suddenly giving up drugs, alcohol, and cigarettes, when those habits used to define them. Now they have this unexplained desire to give it all up, and they find it a little disturbing. These changes in diet aren't easy, even for the most committed person, and often people will slip up and 'fall off the wagon' from time to time, which I definitely have done before. But the desire is always there to try and keep up with it and get back on track. Again, it's like a switch has been flipped to "ON", and once it does, there's no going back.

  • Both of the Above Tying in to the Overall Desire to "Prepare"
    To better yourself, make your body healthier, and your mind stronger and more focused than what it is now. Because you can't accomplish that if you're overweight, or rarely exercise, and are loading your body full of junk, or smoking, drinking, and doing drugs.

  • An Interest in Alternative Medicines
    Usually born out of a frustration with the standard medical world, and a desire to take matters into one's own hands. For me it comes from several sources - dealing with arrogant doctors who misdiagnose problems, and prescribe their "across the board" remedy of antibiotics for everything, and also, wanting to become self reliant, due to the nagging feeling that someday, I may not have access to doctors and will need to know how to fix and cure myself of ailments. I've been learning over the years that there are so many alternate, natural, and highly effective ways to treat ailments and disease, but which are not encouraged by mainstream medicine. Unless you do your own research and seek them out, your doctor sure isn't going to tell you about them. Medicine is an industry, tied into the pharmaceutical corporations, and it's all about making money, not about curing people and caring about them. Many people going through these changes will find themselves wanting to learn how to take care of themselves, in a way that's actually effective, and natural.

  • A Renewed Interest in Spirituality/A Spiritual Awakening
    You may be an Agnostic - someone who believes in an afterlife and soul, and believes that there's something bigger out there - however, you're not affiliated with any particular religion or practice. Or you may even be an Atheist, as was the case with me for a period of time. Or maybe you do align yourself with a particular religion, but don't actively practice, and don't feel any real passion for it. Whatever the case may be, the common denominator is that you are not taking an active interest in spirituality, if you even possess spiritual interest and beliefs at all. Then one day, all that changes. You might find yourself seeking out spirituality with books, people, the internet, life in general, and wherever you can find it, and wanting to get in touch with something higher and positive. But the key is action - no longer remaining undecided on the sidelines, passively towing the line, or wavering back and forth on the fence of indecision.  Instead, you actively seek out a positive, spiritual-based existence.

  • An increase In Intuition and Extrasensory Abilities
    An increase in intuition, telepathy, premonition dreams, clairvoyance, astral projection, etc. They are things that you may have been able to do randomly here and there throughout your life, only now, they are happening more frequently, and increasing in power. You find yourself answering people's questions...before they had a chance to even ask them outloud. You just 'know' stuff you shouldn't have any way of knowing, giving you a one-up advantage. You dream about events before they happen. You leave your body at night and travel around. And so on and so forth. The ability to manipulate and create your own reality via extrasensory means will also increase with every passing day during these times leading to 2012, as reality breaks down, along with the rules that govern it.

  • Rejection of Material Possessions; A Desire to Simplify
    Material possessions no longer hold an appeal because they just seem like "things" that are in the way and create clutter, and which become a pain in the butt when it's time to move. "The things that you own, own you" is the motto for this mindset. I myself sleep on an air mattress now, don't own any furniture, and can fit everything I own into my car, because I feel like this is what I need to be doing. The old way where I had furniture and lots and lots of "things" is silly to me now, and impractical. My new mindset realizes that they are just objects, just inanimate things. They are not what is really important. A friend of mine lives the same exact way now. Others I know have described similar situations as well.

  • Rejection of Television
    Seems to go hand in hand with a desire to simplify. For those going through "the changes", giving up television loaded with its subliminal messages, fear inducing sound bite "news", mindless, chaotic attention defecit programs and manipulative advertising seems like the next natural step to take.  And in its place are new hobbies and intellectual interests to fill up the time formerly spent in front of the television.  Give up television and watch how you sleep better, your headaches disappear, and your mood improves as you feel less tense, distracted and negative. 

  • Nonchalant Attitude
    Anger, frustration, annoyance, grudge holding, bitterness...Things that used to bother you before no longer have the same effect. Grudges have melted away, negative emotion generator incidents no longer have that kind of power over you. Instead, in its place is a new nonchalant, shoulder shrugging mindset. This is a result of several different things. For some, it's the realization that reality isn't what we're told it is, and is more like a game than anything else, full of one dimensional drone-like people and manufactured situations. Definitely not something to be taken so seriously anymore. For others, it's seeing the Bigger Picture, and understanding what's really important…and those petty manufactured dramas are no longer it.  It's all part of that polarization towards either positive or negative.  People are either going to actively seek out, or fall victim to, the negative emotions, and unknowingly be a pawn for the negative feeders - or - they are going to remove themselves from the equation, and refuse to take part in the false, manipulated aspects of reality. And not to imply that back bone, and the ability to defend oneself has disappeared, because that is not the case. Instead, it has become a matter of discernment, and choosing battles wisely. And now, it seems that most battles aren't worth the time or energy.

  • Realization That Reality Isn't What We're Told It Is
    Watching The Matrix for the first time would have been a mind blowing experience, because finally, someone was saying what you've been saying for years...that something isn't right, things feel surreal, or like a dream. Different people will notice different things that seem to be "off" with reality, whether it be the drone-like people that populate our world, the manufactured dramas set up around us, the "glitches in the program" that seem to crop up frequently. But whatever it is that they're noticing, the fact is, they're noticing - that something isn't right.

  • Having 'Dreams' Pertaining to the Future Changes and Other Worlds
    They could be about upcoming earth changes, the reality shift, or the world in disarray, but the general theme is that you are witnessing the future changes, or, being instructed and educated and prepared for them by an "outside source". These 'dreams' also include trips to worlds and planes of existence far different from the one we currently find ourselves in. I myself have had these dreams, and in one, I was in what I guess would be 4th density, and I was being told that everything we do now will determine what branch (3rd density or 4th) we wind up when the reality shift finally happens. This wasn't meant to be a negative fear inducing warning, but rather, just a matter-of-fact confirmation statement. This is confirmed in Bringers of the Dawn as well, when Marciniak writes, "When Earth does its shifting, not everyone will experience the same thing. Those who need to experience destruction will experience an Earth shift or rotation with destruction because they will not fit with the new frequency. Those who are prepared to hold a higher vibration will experience a frequency shift." At another source,, they have confirmed this as well. Cassiopaea utilizes channeling as well to obtain information, and I have found their information to be extremely consistent and reliable, with no holes in their information as of yet. Another surprise for me, the former channeling skeptic! During one of their sessions, the following question was asked regarding the upcoming cataclysmic earth changes/reality shift: (NOTE: "Q" means question; "A" means answer, as given by the Cassiopaeans; letters in parenthesis are the initial of the person asking the question.)

    Q: (T) Okay. So when they talk about 90 percent of the population not surviving, it is not that they are going to die, but that they are going to transform. We are going to go up a level. This is what the whole light thing is all about?"

    A: Or another possibility is that the physical cataclysms will occur only for those "left behind" on the remaining 3rd density earth.

We have to realize that all of our current actions and attitudes really do count for something.  Everything you do now affects what frequency you're vibrating at.   So if you find yourself gravitating towards the positive, then definitely continue with it.

So, what does this all mean? If we are changing our eating habits and trying to create a healthier, stronger mind and body, and our intuitive abilities seem to be increasing, along with a desire to become self reliant, then the question now becomes...Why? What are we preparing ourselves for? And who or what is trying to activate us into gravitating towards positive action? Bringers of the Dawn offers up the reality shift as a reason for the changes, and extra-terrestrial entities as the source of the activation signal. These are the same entities that she has received the channeled information from. Their origin is supposedly from the Pleiades region, and they are said to be of positive, (Service To Others, or STO) origin.

I believe though that in addition to the upcoming reality shift, there could be several other possibilities for why these blueprint changes are occurring, which shouldn't be overlooked. Following is an overview of the main theories:

The Reality Shift

As mentioned earlier, we are in the process of a reality shift, where 3rd density physical reality is merging with the higher evolved, 4th density variable reality. This event has been cited in numerous materials, among them, Bringers of the Dawn, The Ra Material, the channeling sessions of the Cassiopaeans, found at, and many others.

No one can say for sure how smoothly this shift/transition/merger is going to go. From what I have personally been seeing, the affects of this merger can manifest in different ways, including "bleed-overs" where other realities literally bleed over into the other; a feeling of being in a dream-like state, where reality feels fake, dream-like, surreal, possibly even like a game; an increase in "dreams" that take place in 4th density, as it becomes easier to pass back and forth between the two planes; and an increase in intuitive and extrasensory abilities. Some sources believe that the final transition to 4th density will be rather instant, a sudden switch from one reality to the next. According to the Cassiopaeans, the Shift will be triggered by a series of events. It will start with the appearance of the infamous "Planet X" in 2003, as it makes its 27 million year perihelion swoop-by to our solar system; followed by a series of cometary impacts over the next few years as a result of Planet X kicking comets our way from the Oort Cloud; and finally, culminating in a lessening of gravity on Earth...which will cause the final Shift.

Q: (L) So if gravity is lessened, and it is the binder, then, everything....ohhhh, I see what you're getting at! (J) Yes, gravity is the binder. Without gravity, it just all falls apart...

A: Not "Falls apart", my dear, it all "opens up!"

Q: (L) And when it opens up what happens?

A: Change.

Another source, David Icke, calls this event The Great Shift, which will come to a head around 2012. According to Icke, we are supposedly nearing the end of a 26,000 year cycle dominated by negative 4th density entities, and once this time is up, it will make way for a positive oriented cycle. All of which means we are approaching the deadline for the entities to implement total control over humans in 3rd density. If you've ever wondered why the world is the way it is, with all of its strife, oppression, drugs, crime, murder, poverty, corrupt politics and war, then look no further than the lower 4th density entities, according to Icke. These entities are working through the Forces That Be who run our planet, and have directly manipulated history in their favor to suit their own agenda. They would apparently like to keep this trend going, and will do whatever it takes in the next few years to maintain a stronghold over us to ensure that the switch to the positive cycle doesn't occur. It's not conducive to them if many people rise above the trappings of their false matrix reality and remove themselves from the food equation. Icke also notes, similarly to Marciniak, that people everywhere are experiencing a Global Awakening, as they "emerge from their mental and emotional slumbers, the terrestrial trance."

In The Ra Material, this merger is referred to as "the harvest", when polarization occurs for negative and positive. At the time of the harvest, or shift between 3rd and 4th density around the year 2012, those who have successfully aligned themselves with a positive Service To Others (STO) mindset will be harvested into 4th density. Those who are locked into a world of 3rd density Service To Self (STS) mindset will remain in the 3rd density harvest. According to The Ra Material, "This concept of the Judgment Day differs from the eschatological one in that the one who judges us is not a God apart from us but the God within us. As a result of this harvest some will go on to a new age of love and light and will learn new lessons in a very positive and beautiful density...Others will have to repeat this particular grade of lessons and relearn the lessons of love."

In You Are a Spiritual Being Having a Human Experience by Bob Frissell, the shift is referred to as the Great Shift as well, when Earth completes its 25,920 year equinox precession cycle and when "the cycle as a whole orchestrates a pulsation in the level of consciousness on the planet. During one half of the cycle, awareness/consciousness expands. During the other half it diminishes."  These crisis points in the Earth's cycle are "generally accompanied by cataclysmic changes in the physical condition of the Earth.  There are changes in the Earth's gravitational axis as well as a shift in its magnetic field…" producing "ice ages, floods, earthquakes and other geological disruptions."  According to Frissell, we are completing the final half of the cycle, or, the last 13,000 years of a roughly 26,000 year cycle.  Frissell states that the second half of this cycle has experienced something similar to what Marciniak is saying- that the Earth has undergone the placement of a grid over our planet, one which is masculine based, and thus the reason for why things are the way they are in our world.  He states that when we reach the conclusion of this 26,000 year cycle, the magnetic field of the planet will go to zero, after which the earth will emerge on a higher dimension.   There is already evidence for the declining magnetic field as cited in The Biggest Secret. According to Icke, the Earth's magnetic field is currently 50% less powerful than it was 1,500 years ago.

With the exception of Icke's work, these sources don't claim that one reality is necessarily better than the other.  It's all a matter of perspective.  If you enjoy life in 3rd density, occupying a physical body and experiencing physical life with all its hardships and joys, then there isn't necessarily anything wrong with being harvested back into 3rd.  However, if you feel that you have had your fill of life here in the 3rd, are tired of dealing with the repetitive dramas and negativity, well, then it seems that you should probably start taking measures now, to ensure that this happens…which is where all the above changes come into play. For those who have come to this plane with a positive STO agenda and the goal of making it to 4th density, it has already been pre-determined that there will come a time when they will be notified, or activated, that the time has come to get ready. That notification comes in the form of the diet and mindset changes, which could possibly serve the purpose of helping one make that connecting flight to 4th density.

Biological Warfare

Just like our historical timeline is broken up into B.C. and A.D., so is the modern world. There is "Before September 11th" and "After September 11th." And life after September 11th is a very different world from the one we knew before.  Post September 11th is a world that consists of manufactured terrorist activities, perpetrated by government factions with their own personal agendas.  So what's in store for the American public?  Possibly more bombings, maybe even eradicating entire major cities; taking out our electrical power grids, contamination of our water supplies, "dirty" nukes, or the release of deadly and/or debilitating biological agents onto the public. And all under the guise of terrorism.  It's anybody's guess what's going to happen to us next, but, we can be certain that it's not over yet.  And it's best that we're all prepared.

The threat of sabotage on our nation's water supplies or a biological attack on the public is a very real possibility. But this biological attack may arrive another, less obvious way- in the form of chemtrails2... administered by our own government. According to Kathleen Keating's book The Gates of Hell - All Roads Lead to Rome, it has been prophesized in the Bible Code that chemtrails are in fact being used to spread biological agents.

Despite claims of the benign nature of chemtrails, I can attest that there definitely seems to be a sinister purpose behind them. In early February of 2002, I was staying in Portland, Oregon. On February 2nd, a rare sunny Saturday afternoon, I found myself looking up at the sky and witnessing the biggest display of chemtrail spraying I have ever seen. Practically every corner of the sky was covered in chemtrail lines, with a jet actively spewing more as I watched. I whipped out my camera and started photographing what I was seeing. There were so many chemtrails littering the sky that I had to put my camera on Panoramic view and hold it vertically in order to fit all the chemtrail lines into the frame. (click here to view photos of this incident) And by Monday morning, I felt deathly ill with a nasty form of what I can only assume was the flu. And I rarely if ever get sick. I had all the signs that are frequently associated with chemtrail spraying: fever, sore throat, heavy mucus build up, persistent cough, and just being sick in general with the aches and pains and energy drain as my body attempted to fight off whatever I was infected with. I coughed so hard and so frequently that I lost my voice for over a week. And this ailment, whatever it was, lasted for three weeks. I have never had any kind of cold that lasted as long as this incident, ever. I'm usually over something within two days, at the most. Is it a coincidence that this erupted several days after walking around outside photographing massive chemtrail activity? I highly doubt it.

The Cassiopaean site has also confirmed that our next big "terrorist" threat will be in the form of a deadly Influenza virus. If this is true, and chemtrail spraying is going to be one form that's utilized to spread biological agents, including Influenza, then it makes sense that people will find themselves with an urge to get their bodies as strong and healthy as possible. We may need this to counteract a biological attack, and this could be another reason for the blueprint changes that are occurring.

NWO Police State/Martial Law

Just like we might need a body that's in maximum health and fitness to survive possible upcoming biological attacks, we may also need a healthy body to survive a world that has become a police state, complete with detention camps and round ups, where people may find themselves on the run and in hiding, in survivalist mode.  Nobody likes to think that things could disintegrate to that point in this country, but the fact is, these camps exist.  They have been built, and are being built, and are sitting there empty and waiting.  But...waiting for what?   Kathleen Keating has done research into this matter, and includes photographs of some of the perimeters of these camps in her book The Final Warning. And anybody paying close attention to the news recently would have heard all the rumblings regarding John Ashcroft's unconstitutional detention camp plans for detaining any American deemed to be a terrorist threat. ( This article not only confirms in the mainstream media that these camps exist, but that our government supports using them on Americans, and supports the ideas of detaining citizens indefinetely, without reason, and without a trial.  It has also been reported that FEMA has ordered the construction of make-shift cities to be built around the country, and to be up and running by January, 2003. ( And not only that, but there's talk of President Bush "considering" the possibility of reinstating Reconstruction Era laws that would allow the military to be used for domestic law purposes. Which means if these laws are reinstated, we're looking at the Marines, the Army, the National Guard, etc. being allowed to engage in activities such as search and seizures and arrests, among other things. (

It sounds to me as if they're preparing on their end as well.

Every day it's like a snowball rolling down a mountain, as the NWO kicks in and Martial Law and a police state grow closer and closer.  Events are moving so quickly it's to the point where it's almost impossible to keep up.  And what used to be "crazy" Conspiracy Theory talk is now becoming a reality right before our eyes, as the government milks the threat of terrorism for everything thing it's worth.  David Icke refers to this phenomenon as "Problem-Reaction-Solution". Using the government as an example, we'll say that their ultimate objective is to implement the NWO, one world government, and one world economy.  However, you can't just throw that at the American public all at once and expect them to accept it.  So instead, you manufacture a staged "Problem", such as terrorism and the "Muslim enemy"; provoke an emotional "Reaction"; and then offer up brilliant and helpful "Solutions" to combat these so-called problems. In reality, the problem is manufactured by the same sources who are offering up the solution, and these so-called "solutions" are just a clever way of slipping the NWO policies into effect, which always involve stripping us of even more of our rights.

We only just narrowly escaped the National I.D. card being implemented and TIPS being put into effect, and we're already seeing the beginning stages of microchip I.D. implants being inserted in people's palms.  And all of these are NWO policies. Who would have ever thought that the United States of America would resort to encouraging neighbors to rat on neighbors, as would have been the case with TIPS?  This is the same behavior that occurred in the former Soviet Union and Nazi Germany...and wasn't their behavior supposed to be "wrong" ? Weren't they supposed to be our "enemies" because of the way they behaved? But here we are, so close to mimicking the same behavior. And the National I.D. card and microchip I.D. implants used to only be the talk of "crazy conspiracy theorists". Now, the microchip implants are being test run at establishments such as WalMart and McDonald's, and we just barely managed to avoid the National I.D. card fiasco.  But I'm sure it won't be the last we hear of the National I.D. card.  More manufactured scenarios will ultimately guarantee that this policy sees the light of day sooner or later.

Detention camps, round ups, and other assorted NWO polices, all mixed in with the reality shift...we could have ourselves a very messy situation in the future. If these situations come to pass, then our social structure would disintegrate as life becomes a free for all, with every man for himself.  This could result in the government being on a rampage, trying to regain a foothold of control by rounding up dissidents, and those who pose a threat with their newfound abilities. Sounds unlikely? Then ask yourself why these detention camps and "make shift cities" are being built. What does the government know that we don't? We're supposed to be out of the loop, but it seems to me that certain outside sources are trying to give us a heads up by getting us to prepare, both ourselves and our bodies. And it may be yet another reason why people are finding themselves with sudden urges to get in shape, become healthy, learn self reliance/medical skills, and "prepare." We may need to start whipping ourselves into shape for self defense purposes, for a nation gone awry during end times.

Earth Changes

Planet X, gravitational upheaval, pole shifts, massive flooding, freezing and heat, cometary impacts, and the eradication of many life forms, including people...everything outside your window looks fine now, but these scenarios could be a very real possibility in the future. Massive worldwide flooding has already begun to take effect with the onslaught of mysterious deluges in Europe and Asia during the summer of 2002, and severe flooding and drought is also affecting portions of the United States. Abnormal weather patterns worldwide are becoming more and more frequent. There has also been much speculation as to the existence of Planet X, what it is, where it is, and its rotational duration. Is it currently en route, possibly swinging close enough to Earth to cause gravitational upheaval and affecting our climate and planet in general? Are we going to be smacked by a comet or a comet cluster?  Is our magnetic field declining, and are the poles really going to shift as a result? Are we going to fall victim to the greenhouse effect, or an ice age? In the book The Bible Code3, by Michael Drosnin, there are references to the infamous 2012 end-times date. When they ran 2012 to see what came up with the bible code, they found: "Comet, 5772/2012, Earth Annihilated", and, "Comet, It Will Be Crumbled, Driven Out, I Will Tear To Pieces...2012." However, other dates for a cometary impact were given as well: "Comet, In 5766/2006, Year Predicted For World," and "Days of Horror, 2010, Comet, Darkness, Gloom." So it seems that we are most likely headed for a cometary impact, whether it be in 2006, 2010, or 2012. The bible code is apparently encoded in such a way as to include probabilities for different timelines, which could account for the multiple dates given for an impact.

There is evidence to show that all of the above referenced cataclysmic events can and do happen at a moment's notice, as with the cometary impact that killed the dinosaurs, and the last ice age which happened in an instant, freezing Wooly Mammoths in mid-bite of their food. And those are just the ones we know about. Modern humans have only been around but a fraction of the 4 billion years of this planet's history. We'll never know most of the events that came before us.

If any of these scenarios are going to be the reality, then it could offer another possible explanation as to why people are preparing. We would find ourselves in a survivalist situation, hunting and foraging for food, creating our own shelters, providing for our own medical needs, and needing a strong body, even-keeled mindset, and self reliance skills...if we even lived through such cataclysmic scenarios at all. On a side note, a personal source of mine has learned that supposedly, several former astronauts have purchased land in northeast Arizona...which is coincidentally, one of the designated "safe" areas which won't find itself submerged underwater during cataclysmic Earth changes according to prophets and visionaries. One can only speculate about whether these astronauts are privy to information that we are not. It's also been noted that many of the NWO elite are supposedly relocating to areas of Colorado and the Rockies that have an ample water supply and which will be out of harm's way in the event of Earth changes. Colorado, Arizona and New Mexico are not only safe areas in the event of earth changes, but also locations that are surging with natural energy, as well as being the location of many underground and above ground bases, and 3rd/4th density portal connections.

Or, Maybe a Little Bit Of Everything...

The big Shift happening simultaneously with a Planet X guest appearance, the resulting Earth and reality changes, and an NWO police state on a rampage trying in vain to gain control of the situation...maybe none of this will come to pass, but based on the way things are going in the world, what I'm witnessing in my own life and with the people I'm crossing paths with, and what all the prophets, visionaries, channelers, books and websites have said, it seems that we can definitely expect to see a climatic culmination of some sorts by the anticipated 2012 date.

In conclusion, I myself am still uncertain as to the source of these activation signals designed to get us polarized and following the blueprint. Whether it's extra terrestrial/multi-dimensional entities, or our own higher selves is anybody's guess. But the fact is, the push for personal change and preparedness is definetely happening, and major Earth and reality changes seem imminent. Whether we choose to respond and prepare for them is up to us.

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1. 2012- the year in which the Mayan calendar ends, and also the date for which many prophets, visionaries and channelers have forseen as the end times. The Mayans claim that the transition between realities would begin July of 1982, and commence on December 12, 2012, with the final shift. They referred to the thirty year time period between 1982 and 2012 as "No Time", the transitional period between two worlds and two times.

2. Chemtrails- Not to be confused with the benign contrails. Contrails are the natural vapors emitted from jets and planes, and start evaporating within seconds of being emitted.  The more sinister chemtrails are deliberate chemical spraying designed to poison us and affect our weather. Chemtrails are usually laid down in the sky in grid patterns, however, random criss crossing or parallel lines appear frequently as well. The culprits are usually described as military looking jets. These chemtrails remain in the sky for hours, causing a hazy cloud cover to form soon after, thus altering the local weather of that area. As chemtrail activity increases, so do people reporting an increase in headaches, lethargy, hair loss, memory loss, flu-like symptoms, and overall ongoing persistent sickness and immune system deficiency. There's no discrimination between highly populated urban cities and sparsely populated rural towns- everybody's game for the chemical spraying/attack/testing, and they have been reported not only nationwide, but worldwide as well.  It is in my personal opinion that chemtrails are a tool of the NWO, and are an attack on the public for the purpose of weakening us physically and mentally. There are many ways in which we are being attacked to weaken us and dumb us down so that the NWO can continue to be implemented, and this is just one of many.

3. The Bible Code- Back in the 1990's, it was discovered that there was a hidden code contained within the Bible that prophesized everything that ever was and ever will be. It's said that Issaac Newton was convinced that there was more to the Bible than meets the eye. He was certain of the existence of a hidden code, and spent a good deal of his life searching for it. But not until the time of the modern computer was it able to be found. Using the original Hebrew Torah, with all the spaces between words removed so the text is laid out like one big run on sentence, the code can then be found within the text of the Bible itself in a skip pattern. There is an infinite number of possible skip patterns, and thus, and infinite amount of information can be encoded within the text. Using computer software, one would type a word to be searched, along with designated skip patterns. When a search word appears, along with related search words/dates/names, etc. they usually always appear clustered together in one area, often overlapping like a crossword puzzle. Not only that, but often they will appear in a particular passage that actually relates to the words/subjects themselves. The theory is that the text of the Bible is only the first part of the Bible. The hidden code within the text is the second part which was awaiting the invention of the modern computer to be unlocked. And according to theory, there is probably a third angle going on as well, which technology has yet to be invented to discover.


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