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Coherence Indicators

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Current Moon



Sunspots in red box = window of negativity
Reflective of holes in realm boundaries




  solar activity
solar activity

Solar / Geomagnetic disturbances affecting earth.

Solar X-Ray Flux Intensity
When blue graph is above dotted line = disruptive


  Four different Schumann Frequencies
Schumann Frequencies (Hz)(four of them shown) (UTC+7)


  Schumann Waterfall Chart
Schumann Frequency Waterfall Chart (Hz) (UTC+7)


  Cosmic Ray Activity
Cosmic Ray Activity
"Research Study Finds Correlation Between Cosmic Ray Intensity and Death Rate"



gray = new moon window, oversensitivity and dissaffection
red = full moon window, overreactivity and crazyness
purple = quarter moon window, minor tension

Read "Food for the Moon"
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Solar Cycle Progression [click]



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Recent earthquakes around the world



current weather
US weather map
Storms in low pressure zones = unstable realm conditions


Astrological alignments
Squares, oppositions = potential friction


Astro forecast from


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