Significant Trends

Montalk 7/11/02

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This article is a broad overview of significant trends which will provide momentum for radical world changes over the next decade. The topics in this article are sampled from a wide variety of sources, both personal and in print. It is for the reader to further research and evaluate the following topics in accordance with personal observations and insight.

Trend: Polarization

Polarization means shades of gray are separating into black and white. The bad is getting worse, and the good is getting better. This trend of polarization is happening on social, political, and spiritual levels.

Some people are waking up, gaining awareness, and experiencing an attitude change toward detachment from constrictive thinking, while others are rapidly succumbing to their vices and becoming more negative than ever. Previous friendships are breaking and new ones are being formed as formerly neutral friends are revealing their true colors and realigning with those of like color. The extremity and rapidity of this polarization is what makes it a significant trend.

Globally, lines are being drawn in the sand, nations are choosing sides, and preparations are being made for war on all fronts by all nations. This is simply part of the trend of the times, necessary to bring about the changes that must occur. They must occur because such changes are critical to the spiritual evolution of humanity and earth itself. We are reaching the end of a grand cycle, and reaching the next stage involves a shake-up of the status quo. The ignorance of the masses negates the possibility of a globally peaceful transition, although individuals and groups have the power to choose the degree of peace or violence accompanying their particular transition. This transition is from the world as we know it to the world as we make it.

Trend: Attitude Change toward Detachment

In many people over the past year, though not all at the same time, there has occured an attitude change toward detachment from old ways of living, thinking, feeling, and acting.

The new attitude includes such feelings as nonchalantness, indifference to old worries, and an inner sense of calmness. Those affected see that reality has taken on a dream-like quality, where things that used to cause worry and anxiety are now of little or no concern.

Risks are easier to take because the world seems more like a game now. Grudges, guilts, anxieties, fears, and disturbing memories have been deflated or erased. In general, the feeling is one of contentment, though not passivity. When faced with formerly antagonizing situations that may have been emotionally draining or cause for stress, such people are now immune to their influence. They are surprised to find themselves not reacting negatively to such situations anymore.

They have made lifestyle changes including quitting jobs and relocating, shedding much of their material possessions, leading a simpler life, actively seeking spiritual development, changing diets toward healthy foods, giving up drugs and alcohol, giving up old hobbies and routines which are seen now as silly and needless, and meeting or gathering with like-minded individuals to form networks. They are discovering books and websites at critical moments to clue them in to what's really happening, as though they are being awoken and prepared for the times to come.

Such people are also learning to trust in synchronicity and to throw themselves into the unknown, exposing themselves to new experiences which break them out of the old paradigm boxes and stale routines. They are taking reality less seriously and are apt to do more creative things outside the bounds of social conditioning.

These people have altered their lifestyle naturally, intuitively, and often contrary to the conformity pressures of their friends and family. The motivation for these changes stem from within, and are not due to the whimsical following of an established radical ideology, religion, or even cult.

Trend: Negative Attitude Change

That the bad is getting worse is evident in those who cannot keep up with the subtle attitude changes that are happening. The fear of risk, social programming, and other factors have previously kept the personality of both 'positive' and 'negative' individuals in shades of gray, allowing them to tolerate and interact with each other as their differences were suppressed. Now, with the attitude change sweeping the world, the veils are being lifted, fostering a feeling of carefreeness. For positive individuals, this carefree feeling means they are more likely to take risks and do positive things. But for negative individuals, this manifests as a feeling of desparation, that nothing matters anymore, that there is no point to trying to be 'good', etc...

Thus, negative aspects of such individuals grow bolder. The essence of an individual is now shining brighter than ever before, meaning those with negative essences are beginning to succumb to them because the previous suppression of such vices has disintegrated lately. People are beginning to act much more in accordance to who they really are.

Trend: The Walking Dead, Fake Humans, Drones

A noticeable phenomenon of late has been the growing number of soul-less persons among our society. This is not stated figuratively, but literally. While sentient humans have a soul or spirit and a unique aura, there are many persons out there now who do not. Either they have no aura, or their aura is uniform and dull. These "fake humans" are nothing more than walking biological machines with blank looks in their eyes, a defeated attitude, with scripted conversational abilities, often performing functions similar to fill-in or background characters in movies or video games.

Trend: Holographic Inserts

Related to the above trend is the possible increased use of holographic inserts by manipulative higher dimensional forces and government factions using such technology. Holographic inserts are artificially generated people, places, and things that look and feel solid, but are actually holographically generated via sophisticated transdimensional laser technology based upon principles of metaphysics, consciousness, and quantum physics. This may all sound farfetched, but research hints at the validity of this phenomenon.

The only way for the average but aware individual to discern holographic inserts from real reality is by the way they feel and act.

Holographic inserts, including holographic people, have been described as evoking within those interacting with them a feeling that they are empty, void of any warmth, hollow, soft and electric, too stereotypical, flat, too 'pretty' or ideal like a movie set, or just plain 'wrong.'

The way holographic inserts act is best described as artificial, scripted, unoriginal, strange, out of place, manipulatively annoying, and prone to glitches.

Trend: Bifurcation of Reality

At some level, all sentient individuals create their own reality in the sense that they are the conscious axis from which their perceived reality is generated. It is by consensual agreement and alignment between individuals that shared realities are created.

Mass consciousness is the contract-holder and enforcer that makes most of us occupy a shared reality with the rest of humanity, a reality which has included such events as 9/11. However, as linear time progresses over the next few years, it is very possible that mass consciousness will lose its grip upon the individual so that humanity will no longer be bound to experience a shared reality.

Some groups of people may branch off onto a timeline where earth is smashed by clusters of comets, other people may bypass that possibility and enter a new dimension unscathed by such things. This splitting of shared realities seems to be happening now on an emotional and psychological level, soon to manifest in the physical.

The bifurcation of reality implies that each individual is becoming increasingly empowered to choose his or her own path by realizing and employing the innate ability to create reality. While humanity has previously been somewhat part of a unified chain gang, having to move through probable realities in relatively coupled ways, there is an uncoupling occuring now which will allow individuals to more easily choose their independent ways. Once again, this is all part of the breakdown of linear time associated with the 2012 phenomenon, but the early stages of it are happening now.

Perhaps the bifurcation has already happened to some extent, and those who have moved on to a different timeline have been replaced by replicas as 'place holders' in one's reality to give the illusion that no bifurcation has happened because no one is 'missing'. Of course, in interacting with such 'individuals,' they would no longer have the soul spark or aura they used to have because they are mere fill-in characters.

If one increasingly creates one's own reality, then one would also be populating that reality with characters generated by one's own mind. This is not difficult to do, since we do it in our dreams every night.

It is likely that both holographic inserts AND mind-generated fill-in characters are now part of every sentient individual's reality, in addition to the people who are actually sentient and real. The only truly sentient beings left are distinguishable as those that have freewill and therefore are not manipulable as fill-in characters are.

It would be wise, therefore, for sentient individuals of like mind to gather and network, and therefore create or alter their shared reality toward something they would find agreeable.

As long as the collective consciousness of humanity is more powerful than the consciousness of the group of sentient individuals, the fate of that group will adhere to the fate of the masses.

But because consciousness grows in power with its awareness, a small group of aware people may have the conscious equivalent of thousands or millions of ignorant humans, and if the small group expands its awareness enough, it may either overpower collective consciousness or split off onto its own reality. This is similar to the 100th monkey effect.

Trend: Gathering of Like-Minded Individuals

This is part of the polarization trend, whereby those of similar soul vibrations are finally finding each other, networking, sharing information, and waiting for the next phase. There are many purposes to this phenomenon.

First, such networks or groups provide emotional, physical, and spiritual support for its members. They can recuperate from their lives of isolation and begin preparing for what they have come here to do. It gives them the strength to carry out their life purpose.

Secondly, the physical meeting of like-minded individuals generates a synergistic resonance effect whereby their consciousness and reality-views are amplified and broadcasted into mass shared reality. Such groups can bootstrap themselves into particular timeline bifurcations through this method, or else change mass consciousness and bring the rest of humanity into their reality.

Trend: Activation of Latent Abilities

There has been lots of talk in the New Age fields about DNA activation, the addition of strands to our standard two strand DNA, and the activation of our junk DNA.

Our genetic structure often limits what aspects of our soul can manifest in the physical. With the activation of latent DNA comes a greater manifestation of the metaphysical in the physical. In other words, increased clairvoyance, telekinesis, reality creation and telepathy can result from activation of parts of our DNA that formerly allowed this function, but were purposely deactivated due to genetic manipulation by hostile alien forces.

Along with the breakdown of linear time comes a disintegration of the electromagnetic fields and earth grids which have reinforced our genetic suppression. Those who are in tune with the coming reality shift are being affected in both physical and metaphysical ways.

What will happen when individuals have not only a new carefree attitude, but the abilities to act upon them? They will defy authority and be successful in deconstructing the old materialistic infrastructure. Those presently in power who maintain and reap profits from the status quo have attempted to prepare for this threat. How will they maintain control over the population when certain individuals begin taking risks, defying authority, and using telepathic and telekinetic powers to evade apprehension? What if these "superhumans" prove to the rest of the population that reality isn't what they have been told, that it's all a game, and that the emperor isn't wearing any armor?

Trend: Government Preparation for Something Big

Some factions of the government are preparing in many ways for many things, particularly social and geological cataclysms.

Geologically it appears they are preparing for a pole shift, the onslaught of comets or meteors, tidal waves, superhurricanes, and so on. The building of underground bases, or bases located inside mountains which would conveniently be above flooded land during a pole shift, indicates that preparations are being made to withstand events bigger than anything man made.

Perhaps the negative individuals occupying elite positions know their soul natures are locked into that timeline, which they cannot escape, and must therefore make preparations to endure. Perhaps they are naive and ignorant, unaware of the metaphysical escape hatch, and would rather listen to their scientists and astronomers tracking the celestial source of their worries.

Social cataclysms involve several sources: 1) those positive individuals with activated latent abilities who can easily upset the status quo, 2) Middle Eastern terrorists who will go on the rampage as soon as the U.S. begins its war against Iraq, 3) Russian sleeper cells and agents among us who are ready to bring this nation down within 24 hours by destroying vital infrastructure nodes, 4) Foreign troops hidden in Canada and Mexico ready to invade America after internal sabotage has made us vulnerable, and 5) Sleeper agents programmed by aliens and renegade government factions. Activation of any of these means a total flipping of the boat and loss of power by the current political elite.

It is easy to see why concentration camps have been built so hastily in the past decade. It shows that not only are government factions afraid, but that they are also working against a deadline. A panicked military might react psychopathically in the face of a disintegrating reality, renegade superhumans, terrorist cells, and global cataclysms. This might explain why they have made such ghastly preparations.

Trend: Planet X

It is very likely that something is going to hit somewhere soon. Whether or not a particular individual will have escaped that possibility by bifurcating onto a different timeline is another matter.

The Planet X phenomenon consists of two aspects: a brown dwarf, and clusters of comets. The brown dwarf is the binary partner of our sun, and has a revolutionary period of 26 to 28 million years. During perhelion, it brushes through the Oort cloud and sends a comet cluster toward our inner solar system. This cluster of comets settles into an orbital period of approximately 3,600 years, and eventually decays in density over many millions of years. Presently we are due for a new cluster, and the return of several previous ones.

The brown dwarf itself is probably on the approach, and may come as close as the inner solar system, in which case gravitational effects upon this and other planets will aggravate cataclysmic conditions and precipitate a pole shift. Other factors may cause pole shifts. For example, a sudden cooling of the planet due to cometary impacts would alter ocean water levels and destabilize the earth's rotational balance, resulting in a pole shift. Any pole shift would be a mere slipping of the crust, which has occurred many times in the past and will happen again soon.

Knowing where the brown dwarf is, where it's going, and where the comet clusters are coming from will allow good assessment of the potential damage, and what level of preparation is necessary. The most accurate research in this area can be found on

There has been much disinformation and suppression surrounding this phenomenon, much of it stemming from, Zecharia Sitchin, and university and government observatories.

First, it is becoming very difficult for the average person to get scope time at any observatory. Excuses are repeatedly made about a technical malfunction, or that it is off-season, or that there is a computer glitch, etc., to the point of absurdity. This suggests that something is amiss. Academic astronomers are too skeptical to search for it, which is why there is minimal news in astronomy journals of this approaching brown dwarf. Those who do know are not talking for fear of ridicule.

Second, has been publishing faulty coordinates and leading people on a wild goose chase. Also, their claim that Planet X will pass in 2003 is questionable. Credit must be given for the excellent research they have done in terms of preparation and safe places to relocate in the event of a Planet X related cataclysm, but their claimed timing and coordinates of Planet X are entirely off.

As it is, channeling is rather suspicious, but channeled messages from Grey aliens requires extra caution. Despite "channeled Greys" being the source of the zetatalk coordinates, people nevertheless continue to search that spot of the sky for the brown dwarf. I have, after much difficulty, obtained scope time and determined that there is nothing in the coordinate location resembling a comet cluster or brown dwarf. Zetatalk has even taken evidence to the contrary and twisted it into supposed confirmation.

Third, Sitchin has been evasive regarding statements he previously made concerning the supposed return of Nibiru. It is highly unlikely that Nibiru is populated by aliens, or that such aliens are the sole creators of the human race, as Sitchin claims.

The most likely scenario is that earth (on one particular timeline) will be gravitationally and magnetically affected by the brown dwarf to a great extent, that the real damage will come from a barrage of comets impacting the oceans and land, that the brown dwarf is coming from the direction of Orion but not at the coordinates given at, and that this is all to occur later in the decade, not 2003. What better way to discredit the actual event than by hyping its supposed arrival years earlier?

Also, this cataclysmic scenario will probably only happen to those who branch onto that timeline. There are some people who simply aren't worried about this, even though they are aware of it. In some cases, it is sheer denial. But in other cases it might be that they won't be around to experience it because they will have shifted into a different reality.


The rug is being pulled out beneath the old reality. September 11th marked the beginning of the 'quickening.' While many people are in a state of shock-induced hypnosis, others are welcoming the change with calm assertiveness.

Currently, the feeling of being in 'waiting mode' predominates. The ground is shifting, both literally and figuratively. Year 2002 can be thought of as the call for runners to line up at the starting blocks. Year 2003 brings the start of the race. There are books and websites in the works at this moment, or which have been recently published, which will do great service during the years ahead. Networks are presently being formed, individuals are being prepared, and soon all will be "GO" as the rate of profound individual and world evolution accelerates.

This is not New Age mumbo jumbo because the beginning phases are already happening, trends are already existent; these trends can be easily projected to give a picture of what's to come. Next year will see a shift in mass consciousness, no matter what the cause.